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Audio and Toroids

A transformer is responsible for providing power throughout electronic devices. Without transformers, it would not be possible to have much of the modern technology we use on a daily basis. Hi-end audio equipment is known for using transformers. Amplifiers and streamers (and similar products) all benefit from electrical transformers.

Transformers are broken down into two categories: toroidal transformer and EI transformers. One of the reasons Hi-end audio equipment is so expensive is because they choose to use toroidal transformers over EI variants.

A toroid is shaped like a doughnut, and it cost more than an EI transformer. Winding toroids are slow as a result of complicated winding and slow moving machinery. A toroid is a ring shaped core wound in copper and taped for insulation. It can be mounted in products with the help of screws and washers through the center.

Sounds produced by toroids are better than sounds made with EI transformers. EI magnetic flux will flow around the magnetic core. EMI is created during this process, and it will interfere with other electronic components in the audio equipment. Audio distortion and the degrading of sound quality will be a side effect. Toroids do not create this problem when working with music.

The magnetic flux also flows around the core, but all magnetism is kept within the circle. There is no EMI leakage, and there is no interference with other components. The sound from products built with toroids gives out a better quality. For instance, an instrument or audio amplifier constructed with toroid transformers will have more energy than an EI core of the same size. The toroidal transformer will produce high peaks of volumes when needed.

Although more expensive than an EI transformer, the extra expense is justifiable. Give us a call to learn more about using toroids.

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