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What are the Differences Between Chokes and Inductors

Toroidal transformers are commonly used in electronic devices because of their size, price, and performance characteristics. Although toroids work for most applications, there are times where engineers need different types of transformers. Another popular option is a choke. Below, we want to highlight some of the core differences between chokes and inductors.

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Common Material Options for Steel Cores

Toroid core winding provides uniform distribution of primary and secondary wires, which is why toroids are great transformers that are efficient and powerful. Toroids offer many benefits that similarly powered transformers cannot match. Toroids are customized for specific applications and devices, which means that toroids cannot be used interchangeably. Using a toroid that does not match your application needs often ends in performance issues. One of the most important things to consider is the type of material used for the magnetic core.

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Why do Engineers Choose Toroidal Transformers

Toroid coil winding differs from traditional power transformers, and these differences are often seen as a benefit over similarly powered devices. It is common to find toroids in various commercial electrical devices and applications. You can find these toroids inside televisions, computers, and audio systems. Traditional transformers present several issues that are not apparent when using toroidal transformers. A traditional transformer often suffers from issues like flux leakage, core loss, and EMI. The benefits of toroids are important for a world that is using more and more electronics.

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Vertical and Horizontal Toroid Mounting Options

There are so many different reasons why electronic engineers choose custom toroids over other similar power transformers. There are many benefits and advantages these devices have, so they are amongst the most used power transformers for electronic devices. They are highly customizable, inexpensive to produce, and produce low noise. These devices are also easy to mount in existing structures. There are two methods of installing toroids: horizontal and vertical mounts. Below, we want to take some time to define the two types of mounting. If you have more questions, you should not hesitate to reach out to our talented team.

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Use Custom Toroids to Increase Electronic Efficiency

Toroids are an essential part of many different electronic devices. These power transformers offer many advantages that are not found when using similarly powered EI-type transformers.  No two toroids are the same, so it is important to recognize that these transformers should not be used interchangeably. Custom toroids are the best way to ensure that all your application needs are met.

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Top Advantages of Using Toroids

Engineers and designers have several options when it comes to power transformers. Of all the options available on the market today, toroidal transformers are amongst the most used. There are many advantages toroids provide over other similarly powered transformers. Below, we want to highlight the top advantages of using toroids and custom toroid coil winding.

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Using Toroids for Efficient and Cool Operations

There are many great reasons to use toroidal transformers and custom coil winding, but the two most important features are efficient and cool operations. For over 40 years, toroids in different configurations and sizes have created a myriad of electronic devices for commercial and residential use. Toroidal core winding is even found inside life-saving medical devices that would not function properly without this small transformer’s help. With precise custom coil winding, you too can achieve the same competitive advantages as other companies using toroids.Read More