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Considerations for the Construction of Bobbin Transformers

At the heart of any transformers, individuals will find either a bobbin or a coil (serving as the termination platform). Bobbins can easily support winding, while also aligning the cores. Bobbins are specifically designed for a variety of uses, and so that is why many core shapes exist. Common cores are tape wound, stacked laminations or made of ferrite. Considering the specifics of a bobbin, it is vital that manufacturers select the best bobbins and core combinations. The five most critical considerations during this process must be:

  1. Product cost
  2. Availability of materials
  3. Material limitations
  4. Safety requirements
  5. Ease of production

Designers of bobbins must consider the device and the geometry of the core orientation. Vertically mounted parts do take up less board space but add extra height (more than a horizontal type mount). When using horizontal mounts, wire termination will be more difficult. On the other hand, a horizontal mount bobbin has a low profile but takes up board space.

Manufacturers must also consider how things will be packaged and shipped after final assembly. Some components of bobbin transformers are susceptible to static discharge. Considering this is the case, it is highly recommended that essential assemblies be packaged inside of anti-static tubes or trays. These trays and tubes also help for safe shipping and handling.

Our team can build custom bobbins based on the exact needs of your business. Take the time to consider some of the above options and then give us a call to finalize a construction plan. We are recognized for our range of abilities for coil winding and transformer winding. We specialize in both bobbin and toroidal transformers. Call us for custom bobbins and toroids.

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