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Correctly Tapping Windings

Toroids are not easy to work with because of complicated factors from proper building to using. One particular thing to be mindful of is the use of a tap on toroidal winding. Tapping can easily lead to damaged wire insulation, which will cause shorted turns.

If you need to tap a winding, you must keep track of the exact number of wire turns while winding the device. The excess wire will be twisted into small loops that are considered the tapping point. Next, you will scrape insulation from the loop. This is the only way to the tin wire (using a soldering iron).

Another option for tapping is to scrape insulation at the tap point but to bot build/twist a loop. Instead, a short section of bus wire is wrapped and soldered into place (this will be the connection point).

Being careful with how you tap your windings will directly affect the efficiency of your machines/devices. If you are uncertain about how to go about tapping, you must reach out for help from a toroid core winding company. They will be able to identify your needs and give you the right answers for your business. Uncertainty can only lead to future difficulties.

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