We can manufacture the complete coil for the QEG Generator. Please call us for pricing and delivery.

Customizing Toroids

Toroids are commonly used as opposed to other types of transformers. Toroidal transformers possess many characteristics that make them more efficient, cost-effective, and smaller than their counterparts. For instance, toroids are used in a great deal of applications and devices that are used daily. This includes any device that requires an electrical transformer. Toroids are inside smartphones, computers, heart monitors, and in research equipment. Although toroids are frequently used, they are not appropriate for all devices and applications. We can help you determine the best types of transformers for your unique needs.

Toroids function in different roles, and so we used an array of materials to help create transformers with particular characteristics. Commonly used materials include steel, nickel-iron, moly-permalloy powder, ferrites, and iron powder. Our engineers can help you determine the best elements for your unique application and device.

Our team can help you also choose between:

  1. Round cross-sections or rectangular cross sections
  2. Winding
  3. Magnetic or non-magnetic cores
  4. Air gap
  5. Size and weight

For more information about creating toroidal transformers from scratch, please give us a call today. Our team is standing by to help you build the perfect parts for an excellent product.


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