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Learning the Basics of the Quantum Energy Generator

The modern Quantum Electric Generator (QEG) is an adaptation of one of the most valuable patents developed by the late, great Nikola Tesla. Mr. Tesla is famous for is his design work with generators, dynamos, and alternators. transformer windingThe specific license for the QEG is No. 511,916, which is titled electric generator. Tesla’s design dates to 1894.

The original prototype has been scaled, which intends to produce 10-15 kW continuously. The devices can be set up to give users 120 volts or 230-240-volt single phase output. Future designs are trying to incorporate 3-phase power.

Final machines should operate relatively trouble-free. Most services done to the device are limited to replaceable components (v-belts, bearings, capacitors). Systems will continue to run well if there are good quality electro-mechanical appliances.

The QEG has to be designed to work in harmony with natural law. Today, machines use power wasting motors and generator designs. The Quantum Electric Generator is not a complicated device.

The working principles of the QEG is based on a high-powered and resonate oscillator, very similar to a power tank circuit. Devices generate high-voltage AC between 15 and 25 kV. HV oscillation is transformed to AC voltage outputs to levels close to 85 A. Using today's terminology; this tool would be considered a type of resonance machine.

Circuitry is used to develop high-power in the devices. Circuits are designed based off under-utilized power oscillator configurations. The quantum aspect of the tool is part of the design that ensures generator output is set to maximum power. A conventional type of alternator consumes more input power than output power. For the QEG, the only need for power is to maintain resonance in cores.

An exciter coils must be used to provides users with an adequate conduction path that goes through the quantum field and into the core of the generator. This action polarizes the core, which happens to increase the output of power over time.

We can supply materials for the QEG. We specialize in transformer winding and coil winding. We can custom design both toroid and bobbin transformers.

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