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Saving with Toroids

Using toroids in the construction of electrical devices and equipment is both practical and affordable. When compared to its counterparts, in many cases toroids is the better option. The donut shaped device is wound with primaries and secondaries, which are uniform and without air gaps. As a result of no gaps, a toroid will emit low stray magnetic fields (EMR). Other benefits of toroids include:

  • Small size and weight when compared to similar devices. In some cases, toroids can up to 50% smaller in size and weight than other transformers.
  • Fully functional at low operating temperatures. Temperature management is necessary for safety reasons. We can custom build toroids to meet temperature class specification. We custom construct products based on your desired needs.
  • Limited hum and noise. Uniform winding lowers stray magnetic field, but it also reduces noise coming from a device. Our toroids run almost silently.
  • Reducing voltage. Toroids help to limit the total amount of voltage drops under each load. A larger core size will reduce voltage drop furthers.

Toroids are also:

  • Easy to Mount
  • Electrically Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Easily Customizable

We can help custom build toroids for any necessary application. We can help with design and construction. Our team is ready to get you what you need.

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