We can manufacture the complete coil for the QEG Generator. Please call us for pricing and delivery.

Toroid Coils Testimonials

“As the head purchasing agent for a mid-sized electronics assembly plant, I get a lot of sales calls, either over the phone or someone knocking on my door. They typically do not get inside my door, though I made a rare exception when your company’s salesman got my attention a few years ago. The thing that impressed me was the fact that, when it came to toroids and toroid coils, your man knew a whole lot about the product. I fancy myself as a bit of a toroid coil expert myself, so we had a nice chat that ended with my signature on the dotted line for a ‘starter order’ of toroids and toroid coils. If I liked what I received, a much larger toroid coil order would follow. Well, as you know, your products are excellent quality, and they never vary from one order to the next. So, I just wanted to say thanks for great products, service and pricing”!

“When a friend had asked me about where he should turn for his company’s toroids, toroid coils, and other electrical and electronic components, I immediately gave him your company’s name. I don’t usually ‘stick my neck out’ with recommendations for products or services, but your company makes the best toroid coil on the market for a price that won’t bust the budget, which is why I didn’t hesitate a second to pass along your name. I now know that was a mistake because this friend is also a competitor, and your toroids and toroid coils gave him an extra competitive edge that might be costing my company money. Oh, well, what the heck. Share and share alike is what I say, but if anyone else asks me about a great toroid coil (or anything else) for an unbeatable low price, my lips are sealed. Sorry, guys, but I want to keep your great company for myself”!

“I’m not really in the habit of writing thank you letters to companies just because they do a great job for my company. However, when it comes to your company’s toroids, toroid coils and other great products, your customer service and all personnel always go the long extra mile to keep my company running smoothly and in the ‘jet black’. So, I’m making an exception here because, quite simply, your company’s toroid coil performs perfectly, is exceptionally durable and the cost cannot be beat. That’s a real ‘Trifecta’ in my book (not that I bet on the ponies), but, seriously, your crew has saved our bacon on more than one occasion with super-rush shipments of toroids and toroid coils when we needed them ‘like yesterday’. Too bad you can’t travel back in time (you do everything else so well), but having our toroid coil order on our receiving dock the next day is pretty darned good”!

“I’m not much of a ‘letter writer’, but here goes. Our electronics company got off to a pretty rocky start when we first opened our plant just over five years ago. The economy was in the tank and everybody was ‘China crazy’, but we decided to stay on American soil. A large part of our product line requires top performance toroids and toroid coils, and we’ve been burned pretty badly by other toroid coil suppliers until we finally discovered your exceptional company. I call that one of our company’s ‘lucky days’ and we’ve been a loyal, toroid coil customer ever since. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the products, prices, and customer service that can’t be beat. Whatever your business model is, it’s sure working, so don’t change a thing. You might have noticed that our toroid coil orders grow larger each month because our success demands it. Thanks for doing a great job”!

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