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You Always Wanted to be a Rock Star or Hollywood Idol, but You Own a Company that Makes Stock Toroids, Custom Toroids, Toroid Coils, and Offers Custom Coil Winding, Too – A Toroid Coil is Not ‘Terribly’ Exciting to the ‘Ladies’, Though

By Phil Anderson
June, 12 2012

You drive a fire engine red Lamborghini, wear Ray-Ban sunglasses, and are a real hit with the ladies – at first. Sure, you’re doing great financially – you have a mansion in the hills and all that. Here’s the problem – when you tell the girls you own a company that makes top quality toroid and toroid coils – among lots of other electrical or electronic stuff - and you sell millions of toroid coils every year, a lot of ladies seem disappointed. They thought you were so cool looking that you just had to be in the music or movie biz or whatever, but toroids and toroid coils are something they never heard of. What the heck is a ‘toroid coil’? Maybe they should keep looking for a ‘cooler cat’ to be their boyfriend. You even try to explain that toroids are all around them in all kinds of ‘cool stuff’, but when you mention the fact that your millions come from the manufacture of toroids or a top of the line toroid coil, your potential new girlfriend’s eyes just seem to glaze over. Hey, ‘somebody’ has to make toroids and toroid coils, and when your company’s toroid coil is widely recognized as the best there is, naturally, your company sells a bazillion toroid coils and you have more money than ‘The Donald’.

Toroid Coils and Toroid Aren’t Hollywood, and There is No ‘Toroid Coil Hall of Fame’, but Your ‘Lambo’ is Still Pretty Cool and You Can Bet There’s a Toroid Coil ‘Somewhere’ in that Car

Your father got started making toroids and toroid coils years ago, and now the whole company has been passed on to you. Now that’s pretty ‘cool’ in itself. You’re the ‘Big Boss’, kind of like Donald Trump (what’s cool or exciting about HIM?). And when it comes to ‘fame’, well, your toroids and toroid coils are famous around the world in ‘very select circles’ – mostly electronics (toroid coil) nerds. You thought about spending a decade or so learning how to play the guitar or something, and then start a garage band in your six-car garage. Okay, so that would definitely be way cooler than selling toroids or toroid coils even though your company’s toroid coil is the best on the market today. Still, the ‘girls’ are not impressed.

Looks as Though Your Toroid Company is ‘It’, but the World Desperately ‘Needs’ Custom Coil Winding

Ten years is a long time to wait why you learn how to play the guitar or whatever, so toroids, Custom Coil Winding and toroid coils is what it’s going to have to be. If they love your car and mansion, it’s a fact of life that a ‘toroid coil’ magnate comes with them. Come on ladies, toroid coil cash is the exact same shade of green!

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