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Do You Need Toroids in Your Life?

By Lester Paul
April, 12 2010

You may not realize it, but a plain doughnut shaped, ferrous oxide device wrapped with copper wire serves as an inductor or transformer coil that can be found in computers, TVs and all manner of things electrical or electronic. And when it comes to everything from toroids to custom coil winding machines to solenoid coils to a custom designed saturable core reactor and more, you’ll find all things electrical and electronic when you shop with us. We’re a national leader in the sales and distribution of toroids and toroid coils, and the same holds true for our retailing of our state-of-the-art custom coil winding machines, solenoid coils, and the highest quality saturable core reactor available today.

We’re Specialists in Toroids, Toroid Coils, Solenoid Coils, and a Wide Variety of Components for the Electrical and Electronic Industry

Did we mention that we also sell our high quality toroids, toroid coils, solenoid coils and more to the home hobbyist? Really? Does that surprise you? When it comes to a top quality saturable core reactor for big industry, we’re right here, but we’re also here for a home hobbyist who likes to work on circuitries in their basement or garage. Looking for a single solenoid coil? Maybe your business requires an 18 wheeler loaded with solenoid coils? Are you looking to purchase a custom coil winding machine? Would you prefer to outsource your custom coil winding needs? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Whatever you need in the way of premium quality components for electrical or electronic circuitries, you can rest assured we have what you need on our fully stocked warehouse shelves.

Can’t Find that Rare Saturable Core Reactor? Is Your Present Supplier Telling You The Solenoid Coil You Need is Out of Stock? Have You Been Waiting Weeks for the Toroids and Toroid Coils You Need So Badly?

Why wait for top quality electrical and electronic components from a supplier that never seems to have what you need? Why not work with a leader in the industry, a supplier who will always have the toroids, toroid coils, solenoid coils, and hard to locate saturable core reactor you need? Why wait when we typically offer same day shipping? Why wonder when and if your much needed toroids are going to arrive? How long has your production line been held up for the lack of a single solenoid coil? Why would you put up with that kind of service? When you buy your toroids, toroid coils, solenoid coils and other electrical or electronic components from us, you’ll get more than the saturable core reactor you ordered, you’ll get the unsurpassed customer service that goes along with it. And best of all, as if we haven’t done enough, we’ll sell you toroids, toroid coils, a thousand solenoid coils or a single solenoid coil or saturable core reactor for an unbeatable low price that will keep you coming back for more!

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