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When it Comes to Toroids, You’ve Come to the Right Place

By Bill Jones
June, 12 2010

Looking for toroids? Toroid coils? Solenoid coils by the box car full or a single solenoid coil? How about a premiere quality saturable core reactor or a top of the line custom coil winding machine? Well, when it comes to toroids and a vast selection of other components for the electrical or electronics industry (as well as the home hobbyist who enjoys creating innovative circuitries in the workshop), we have the top quality products you need. Because we specialize in the wholesale and retail distribution of toroids, toroid coils, solenoid coils, custom coil winding machines (we also offer custom coil winding services), you’ll always find the superior quality components you require for your manufacturing assembly line or other needs. It’s all the same to us. . .whether you need a single solenoid coil for that old farm tractor or 20,000 solenoid coils for your new factory, we fill all orders large or small.

We Have the Exact Saturable Core Reactor You Need – Hard to Find Toroids? Not When You Shop With Us – Can’t Locate the Toroid Coils You Need? Don’t Worry. . .We Have Them

Is there anything more frustrating than being told the toroid coils you need are out of stock, and worse, nobody knows when the next shipment is coming in? Nobody knows? Who’s running that business? You get the same story when you try to order solenoid coils, a saturable core reactor or a custom coil winding machine. Once again. . .who’s running that business? We just have to guess that our competitor hasn’t heard of great customer service or 21st century inventory control software. We offer both. We’re number one in customer service, and nobody but NOBODY stocks more toroids, toroid coils, solenoid coils, custom coil winding machines, and every type of saturable core reactor available today. Maybe that’s why we’re the clear leader in the electrical and electronic component industry.

Want to Save Some Money on Toroids? Would You Like the Very Best Solenoid Coil for the Lowest Price Possible? How About an Ultra-High Quality Saturable Core Reactor for a Price Nobody Can Beat?

Nobody wants to waste any money these days, and if you’re not buying your toroids, toroid coils, solenoid coils, custom coil winding machines and more from us, then we can pretty much guarantee that you’re paying more than you have to. Because we’re big we purchase our electrical and electronic components in vast quantities from leading manufacturers that sell to us for less. . .much less than any of our competitors pay. What this means to you is that your next order of toroids, toroid coils, custom coil winding machines or solenoid coils will come with a total price tag that will make you smile. We’ll even save you money on a single solenoid coil or saturable core reactor. Again, orders large and small are all the same to us, which means everyone receives the same super customer service that made us number one!

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