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We Have Toroids Other Distributors Don’t

By Bob Plant
October, 11 2009

When it comes to toroids, solenoid coils, custom coil winding machines and services for the electrical and electronics industry, we have it all. From a single solenoid coil or saturable core reactor to a truckload of them, you’ll always find what you need when you shop with us. We have toroid coils other retailers and distributors don’t simply because we carry the most extensive inventory of custom circuitry components in the industry. Every day, exciting new electrical and electronic products come on the market, products that make life more productive or more fun, and we have the components needed to bring these new and innovative circuitries to life. From toroids for inductors or transformers to a top quality saturable core reactor to solenoid coils to custom coil winding machines and so much more, we have the premium quality electrical and electronic products that industry, as well as the home hobbyist, needs.

Toroids, Solenoid Coils, Custom Coil Winding Services, and a Saturable Core Reactor for the Home Hobbyist?

While we’re an industry leading distributor and retailer of toroid coils, solenoid coils, custom coil winding machines and more, and while we sell in vast quantities to industry, we’ll sell a single saturable core reactor to any mad scientist who tinkers around in his or her workshop. The point is, on orders large or small, we provide every customer with the same great service that we know will keep you coming back for more. To us, a large part of customer service is having the toroid coils, solenoid coils, custom coil winding machine, and saturable core reactor you need when you need it. We have the industry’s most extensive inventory of superior quality custom circuitry components – all

We Know You Need Toroids. . .Not Excuses

We understand that you want product, not information about when your ‘out of stock’ saturable core reactor will arrive if it’s ordered right away, but the guy who does the ordering’s out sick until tomorrow. Great. Your 24/7 production line is shut down because of a faulty solenoid coil, and your supplier is telling you about an employee’s health problems. When you shop with us, you get product not excuses. When it comes to toroids, solenoid coils, custom coil winding machines or a saturable core reactor, if somebody manufactures it, we’d be real surprised if we didn’t have a good supply of them on our shelves. We know your business needs a reliable supplier of electrical and electronic components, and that company would be us.

Premium Quality Toroid Coils, the Highest Quality Solenoid Coil Made or a Premium Grade Saturable Core Reactor – All For a Lower Cost Than You’ll Find Anywhere! What Are You Waiting For?

That’s right, not only do we provide exceptional products and services, we sell to you for a lower price than you’ll find anywhere else. Guaranteed. So. . .what are you waiting for?

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