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Why ‘Settle’ for a ‘Little of This and a Little of That’? Why Not Buy Your Toroids, a Single Toroid Coil, ‘Cases’ of Toroid Coils, Custom Coil Winding and More from a Company That Offers it All?

By Phil Anderson

One seller of toroids offers really low prices, but their quality is even lower. Another supplier of toroid coils, solenoid coils, toroids and the like has ‘decent’ quality products, but their prices are right ‘through the roof’. Another toroids and toroid coil company has a warehouse with an intact roof, but its shelves have more dust on them than toroids, toroid coils and just about everything else you need – the clerk says he thinks they do have ‘one’ toroid coil and one solenoid coil that you need in stock, but he has to check with his supervisor to confirm the fact. Then there’s the seller of toroids, toroid coils and related products who never (ever) ships a single toroid coil on time (and oftentimes your toroid coils are shipped to the wrong address). Here you have this elderly woman with 10 cases of toroids and 20 cases of toroid coils sitting in her driveway, but that’s just the way it goes. Wouldn’t it be grand if you could find a supplier of toroids and toroid coils (or even a single toroid coil) that offered it all? Just think of that poor old woman spending the day on the phone trying to get those toroids and toroid coils out of her driveway before it rains.

There ‘is’ a Seller of Toroid and Custom Coil Winding and So Much More That ‘Does’ Offer it All – That Toroid Coil Specialty Supply Company is Our Company

We never even got to the subject of customer service with all those other sellers of toroids and toroid coils and related specialty products. Of course, having to check with a supervisor to see if they have a single toroid coil on their warehouse shelves is related to customer service (or dire lack of it). The seller of exceptionally poor quality toroids and toroid coils isn’t doing anyone any ‘customer service’ related favors by specializing in a toroid coil that’s designed to perform poorly or fail long before its time. You can’t say much about the customer service of any company that NEVER delivers its toroids or toroid coils on schedule as promised or consistently ships to the wrong address (that poor, frail old woman). Then there’s that ‘price gouging’ seller of toroids and toroid coils (at their prices you couldn’t afford a single toroid coil much less the hundreds of toroid coils you need).

Buy Your Toroids, Solenoid coils (or a Single Toroid Coil) From ‘Us’ – a Company That Offers It All and ‘Then Some’

Unsurpassed quality Toroidal winding, toroid coils (or a single toroid coil), unbeatable low prices, fully stocked shelves, and award-winning customer service. That’s what you get when you buy your toroids, toroid coils and so much more right here. Call us anytime. You’ll be glad you did!

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