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How Can Toroids, Toroid Coils (or Even a Single Toroid Coil), Custom Toroids or Custom Coil Winding Cause a ‘Divorce’?

By Phil Anderson
May, 12 2012

Say ‘what’, you ask? Who’s getting divorced over toroids or toroid coils or even one meager toroid coil? How can a happy marriage come to an end over electrical or electronic components? Here’s how: Okay, your brother-in-law owns a company that makes strictly ‘second rate’ toroids and toroid coils, and your wife’s brother will even sell you a single (lousy quality and overpriced) toroid coil because you’re the toroid coil buyer for your company. Hey, you don’t own the company, you’re just the guy who orders thousands of toroid coils each month, and your wife has been nagging you for years to use her brother’s company to keep it ‘all in the family’. When you tell your lovely wife that her brother makes really shoddy toroids and toroid coils, she gets hopping mad and threatens to divorce you. Well, if you buy your brother-in-law’s shoddy goods, your company will fire you the first chance they get.

‘All in the Family’ Toroids and Toroid Coils Are a Bad Idea – You Really Don’t Want So Much as ‘One’ Toroid Coil from Your Wife’s ‘Shyster’ Brother

Okay, so your nagging wife is hopping mad, and your brother-in-law’s not exactly thrilled with you either. If you give in and go with the family’s ‘second rate’ toroids and toroid coils, your wife might divorce you anyway. If that happens, and you’ve lost your job because the family’s toroids and toroid coils are total junk, you won’t have any money for child support and the next stop could be jail. Yes, they put folks behind bars when they can’t make their kid support payments, not to mention the legal harassment you’ll face regarding alimony.

You Need to Stand Your Ground – Continue to Buy ‘Our’ Famous Maker Toroids and Toroid Coils – Tell Your Toroid-Making Brother-in-Law to ‘Take a Hike’

There’s always the option of ‘faking your own death’ and simply disappearing to start a new life in Rio or someplace far away from this whole toroid debacle that’s not your fault. It’s not your fault that your wife’s brother makes ‘designed to fail’ toroids and toroid coils that are guaranteed to cost you your job. Quite a toroid conundrum, but splitting to Rio does seem to be a bit extreme. Simply continue to buy our top quality and low priced toroids and toroid coils and hope your wife’s brother just goes away. Hey, maybe you could (not) ‘fake’ your brother-in-law’s death, but that would be wrong and you know it. Do they have an extradition treaty with the U.S. in Brazil? That we cannot answer, but we do know our toroids and toroid coils are always the highest quality products you’ll find anywhere. Can you say the same about your ‘wife’? Anyway, we know you’ll work it all out somehow, and we look forward to your next toroid coil order from a leading seller of toroids that can’t be beat!

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