We can manufacture the complete coil for the QEG Generator. Please call us for pricing and delivery.
Toroid coil, Solenoid coil, Toroids, Toroidal winding

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Toroid Coil, Toroid Coil Winding, Solenoid coil

Toroid Coil - You Need a Large Order of Toroids ‘Yesterday’ – We Are Working on a Time Machine Just as Fast as We Can

Phil Anderson

Yes, everyone is in a manufacturing ‘jam’, and they need ten thousand toroids ‘yesterday’, which is code for please get those toroid coils here real quick! We hope to someday complete the time machine we’ve been working on for years so we actually ‘can’ get you the toroid you need ‘yesterday’, but there’s a few more glitches yet to be worked out. We will get your toroid coil to you ‘overnight’ without breaking a sweat, however, because we’re sure we’ll have the toroids you need in stock. Call us anytime!

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