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Toroids make strong Magnetic Circuits

Although an E-I core is a commonly used transformer, it is hard to extend the flux path throughout the magnetic path as a result of a difficulty found when trying to align stamped laminations. This problem creates a core loss and makes the operation of a device less efficient (when compared to a toroidal transformer). Toroids make excellent magnetic circuits.

Not only do toroids make strong magnetic circuits, but they also have other benefits as well when compared to other transformers. For instance, by using toroids manufacturers can lessen the overall size and weight of devices by up to 50%. No performance qualities are sacrificed through this reduction. Many also find that when using toroids, they only experience up to 20% core losses (usually, the number is closer to 10%). Other benefits include:

  1. Lowe audible hum- a hum is caused when windings vibrate because of the force of coil turns. The inrush current of toroids allows for the system to quiet down in only seconds.
  2. Higher efficiency when working with stray magnetic fields
  3. Small volume and less weight

For any further information about manufacturing and purchasing toroids, please reach out to our talented staff of engineers. We custom design toroids coils for any and all applications. We want to provide custom toroid core winding for your business.

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