We can manufacture the complete coil for the QEG Generator. Please call us for pricing and delivery.

Trust Our Team of Engineers

Winding a toroid is not simple, and so we proudly offer custom toroid transfer winding for those who need it. Many kits can be purchased online, but if you are trained in the winding, then toroids can potentially not work.

First, we can quickly produce a significant amount of toroids. Winding toroids by hand is time-consuming. If you need to focus your attention on other things, let us help you free up your time.

Transformer winding is specifically based on calculation. For some, the calculation associated with winding is confusing. Let our team help you get toroids that are specifically built based on your needs.

There are different core materials to choose from when constructing a toroid. Let us help you determine the best core that is based on your application needs.

We can:

  1. Properly space leads around the toroid
  2. Employ different methods for removing enamel
  3. Prepare leads
  4. Calculate the required length of wire
  5. Pick the core type for the wire being wound

Our talented team has the tools, training, and experience to offer you the best transformer winding available. If you are looking to build custom transformers, let us be your first call.


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