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Understanding Inrush Currents and their Affect on Toroidal Transformers

Managing the inrush currents of toroidal transformers is important. Without controlling the currents, it is possible that fuse will blow and circuit breakers will trip. Excessive inrush current will diminish the number of devices able to connect to the power source. In certain cases, it can be the cause of total failure of the toroidal transformer.

The above problems can occur as a result of the inrush current altering the magnetic property of the core (this causes energy loss). Lessening the current with inrush current limiters is the best way to ensure your toroidal transformers continue to work properly.

Employing inrush current limiters to minimize the overall inrush current of toroidal transformers has many advantages, including:

  1. Reduction of power sag noise (caused by brownouts and under voltage)
  2. A standard fuse can be used
  3. Ability to use lower rated rectifier bridge
  4. Ability to use lower rated components

If you want the most from your toroids and transformers, it is important to calculate and protect against inrush currents. The least resistance needed by an NTC thermistor varies from applications. Functionality will depend on line voltage, desired inrush current, and peak inrush current. Understanding your applications and the inrush current will allow you to run toroidal transformers optimally. If you need more information about protecting currents again, give us a call today.

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