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Understanding Magnetic Fields

A magnetic field can be defined as the area surrounding magnetic material in which the force of magnetism operates. These areas are created when electrons move throughout electrical conductors. Electrical currents are responsible for producing magnetic fields. Understanding these flows is complex, and so below we have compiled several fundamental points about currents and magnetic fields

  • With closed, filled lines that surround wires, magnetic fields will be created as wires carry electrical currents.
  • Using the Biot-Savart Law allows users to monitor a current segment for different magnetic field strengths. Simply put, the law helps to describe the magnetic field that is generated by electrical currents. The law seeks to relate magnetics fields to direction, length, distance to current, and magnitude.
  • The most commonly used and fundamental mathematical law associated with magnetic fields is Ampère’s Law.  The law is also referred to as Ampère's force law, which should not be confused with Ampère's circuital law. With Ampère’s law, one can figure out the magnetic field that is associated with a particular current (or magnetic field).
  • Different versions of the right-hand rules can be implemented as a means to determine the direction of a magnetic field from a current.
  • Any wire that is carrying a current will feel forces when in the presence of external magnetic fields.

We can help your business understand electrical currents and magnetism, while also providing high-class toroids to help minimize and monitor magnetism produced by electrical devices. Knowing the ins-and-outs of a toroid and a magnetic field can be confusing, and so we are here to help navigate this complex area. Give us a call today.

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