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Art of Winding Toroids

Winding a toroid is not necessarily an easy thing to do, but it is so drastically important that a toroid is wound properly.  Proper winding allows for toroids to function. Improperly wound toroid will either not function or will have gaps inconsistencies.

There are amateurs who are able to wind their own toroids, but businesses should not place their faith in amateur work. Trusting a professional is the best and easiest way to get toroids.

ToroidIt is hard to wind toroids because very specialized tools are needed. This includes a soldering iron and soldering pot, Ohmmeter, magnifying visor, and butane lighter. Without these tools, winding is almost impossible. Once you have your tools handy, you can look at the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the core you buy. The instructions will tell you which toroid go with which wires, how many times the wire should be wound, how the wire should be wound, where the wired starts, and finally which direction the wire should be wound.

After this is finished, there are still many steps to take. You must then:

  • Prepare Leads
  • Remove Enamel
  • Space leads around body of toroid
  • Mount/solder


It is best to trust professionals who know how to create and make toroids. Don’t settle for amateur work. Professionals will make better toroids quickly and inexpensively.

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