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Choosing Toroid Transformers Over Other Transformer Types

Engineers have many options for constructing transformers to be used inside of electronic equipment and devices. How do you know if you have chosen the right one? Much of the modern electronics used daily benefits from small transformers that have different core shapes. Each core shape boasts pros and cons, and so the various forms should not necessarily be used interchangeably.


Toroidal transformers are frequently used for electronic applications as a tool to step down/up voltage.

There are transformers that must overcome basic challenges like core loss, EMI, and flux leakage. The easiest way to avoid these problems is by using toroidal transformers. These transformer types have grown in popularity as a result of their compact size, lightweight, and high efficiency.

What are advantages do toroids have over other similar powered transformers?

High symmetry– toroids look like rings or doughnuts, meaning that they are complete 360-degree circles. The symmetry creates low levels of both leakage flux and magnetic flux.

Low stray magnetic fields– when comparing a toroid to a similarly powered transformer, the stray magnetic field is up to 90% less. Coil winding helps to create uniform throughout the device, which leads to a low radiated magnetic field. Toroids have improved performance over other toroids.


Small design- a toroid can fit into most designs because it is small. In comparison to other similar transformers, a toroid is known to be light in weight and small in size. Because of their small size and shape, these devices are easily mounted.

Toroidal Transformers