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Relying on Toroid and Toroidal Transformers

One of the most fundamental pieces of electronic equipment is a transformer, which also has applications throughout the entire electronics industry. In short, a transformer steps up or steps down voltage. Few electronic devices could be used as examples as devices that do not need the ability to step down to an outlet’s voltage.


Toroid and Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformers are circular, making a full 360-degree connection. The middle is poked out to make a ring or doughnut shape. Although there are many different transformer shapes available to electrical engineers, toroids are amongst the most popular. When compared to similar transformers, a toroid is usually smaller and maintains better efficiency. It is also known to create less magnetic interference than other similar transformers—especially E-I or laminate transformers.


E-I and laminate transformers are constructed with a pair of coils that are wrapped around individual cores. They are placed together and then sealed into an enclosure. Toroidal transformers only have a single ferromagnetic toroidal core that houses both primary and secondary wound coils. The field of a toroid is more compact than their laminate counterparts, so a toroid has significantly less magnetic energy that will disrupt sensitive circuit components. These wound devices make almost no noise, and so they are ideal for most electronics.


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