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Top Advantages of Using Toroids

Engineers and designers have several options when it comes to power transformers. Of all the options available on the market today, toroidal transformers are amongst the most used. There are many advantages toroids provide over other similarly powered transformers. Below, we want to highlight the top advantages of using toroids and custom toroid coil winding.


Toroid have less volume than other transformers. Users can save up to 64% of the space when compared to a traditional magnetic core. As a result of the volume, it is simple to connect equipment with a lead instead of a terminal block.

Beyond a small size, toroids are also lightweight. A toroid is up to 50% lighter than other transformers. Toroid coil winding is symmetrically distributed over the entire core. Custom toroid coil winding reduces the length of winding.

Toroids are also dimensionally flexible. When comparing a toroid to a traditional core transformer, a toroid offers versatility. The core of a toroid comes in many sizes and materials to meet exact specifications. All the customization possibilities make toroids highly flexible.

Electronic devices make unwanted noise when they start up, run, and shut down. Toroids are a great tool for reducing unwanted noise from electronic devices. Noise levels are almost eliminated because toroid winding is symmetrical, and the toroid is a complete 360-degree circle.

Toroids are easy to design and affordable to purchase. Design costs add up, and so it is important to save money where you can. It is even better when you can save money without cutting corners.

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