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Toroids and Custom Coil Winding

A toroidal transformer consists of enamel-coated or bare copper wires that are wound onto the doughnut-shaped magnetic core (a toroid). When engineers combine magnetic cores and copper wire, they get a centralized energy field that surrounds the entire toroidal transformer. Custom coil winding creates a steady flow of energy that is enough for powering devices and machines.


When compared to similarly powered transformers, a toroid is considered both compact and light, but by no means does that mean that they are weaker or less efficient. Toroids are a great economical alternative when compared to a standard solenoid. Toroids make their homes in low-frequency hardware that needs low inductance rates. It is common to find custom coil winding inside ballasts, industrial machinery, medical equipment, and computer motherboards.

Toroidal transformers are completely customizable, which means that the devices meet the exact needs of specific electronic applications. The most sought-after benefits provided by toroids include:

  1. Minimized Magnetic Flux Leakage
  2. Low Electromagnetic Interference
  3. Compact and Lightweight Design (ideal for small electronics and power devices)
  4. No Noise
  5. Lower Operating Temperatures
  6. High Magnetic Field
  7. Closed Loop Core

Custom Coil Winding

There are many reasons why engineers use toroidal transformers, which is evident in the devices growing popularity in the mechanical and electronics industry. For more information on custom coil winding, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

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