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The Main Reasons Engineers Use Toroidal Transformers

If you are questioning whether a toroidal transformer is best for your electronic devices, you may want to consider the pros and cons. Understanding what benefits a toroidal transformer has makes it easier to determine if a toroid is the correct core shape for your transformer. Coil WindingMany electronic engineers favor a toroid as a long-term solution for a multiple of applications and reasons. A toroidal transformer offers users:

Magnetization fields from transformers are also known as stray fields. Because a toroid is a full 360-degree transformer, stray fields are less than other similar powered transformers. Toroids also have uniform winding, which helps to reduce magnetic interference in the toroid.

Toroids are easy to mount, which means they can be situated inside most housings or cases. Only a single screw is necessary for mounting toroids in a very short time. Easy mounting also allows for less downtime and limited maintenance.

An encapsulated toroidal transformer has a lower operating temperature when compared to similar transformers.

Toroids have lightweight cores, which means that they weigh less than typical transformers. They are composed of fewer raw materials. Most engineers look to make products lighter, and this is a great and easy way to do that.

When compared to similar transformers, a toroid is considered the most economical. Not only do they weigh less, but they also cost less as well.


There are many reasons toroids are frequently used in electrical engineering. We build custom toroids and do transformer winding. If you need coil winding for a toroidal transformer, let us be your first call.

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