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Alternative Toroid Options: Slotted Toroids

Toroids are commonly used in a large amount of modern electronic devices. They are used because they are small, affordable, and useful. Toroids are constructed in different ways to allow them to fulfill specific functions. A slotted toroid is a unique style of a toroid that offers users magnified gap effects because of the material permeability.


Deciding on specific toroid types, sizes, materials can be difficult. Do not hesitate to call our team for more information on custom coil winding. We also work with slotted toroids. Many of the applications of traditional toroids are sometimes limited either because of excessive inductance, DC currents, or variability effects of ferrite. This is not the case for slotted toroids.

What is a slotted toroid?  To make a slotted toroid, engineers cut a slot through the cross-sections, which at times can be advantageous. The toroids are used to drastically reduce the effect of DC bias.

A slotted toroid is also used to reduce the inductance that is required for value minimums.

Slotted toroids are also commonly used to minimize inductance that is an expected value when minimum turns are dictated by flux density considerations. The effectiveness of the permeability of gapped cores is calculated using special equations.


There are many options engineers have when it comes to creating and using toroidal transformers. For more help designing products to meet your needs, you should give our team a call today.

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