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Benefits of Different Cross-Section Shapes

Toroids are built in different styles with varied materials so that they can meet the standards of their application. Using toroids that are made to wrong proportions, or with inappropriate materials, can lead to faulty service or no service at all. Toroids and Transformer WindingOur team of engineers works with all our clients on an individual basis. We do this to ensure that all our toroids are constructed to the exact requirements of the user. For instance, our team can help you determine if it is best to build a toroidal transformer with a rounded cross-section or with a rectangular cross-section.

A toroid that is built with a rounded cross-section is an overall better performer than the rectangular variant. This is mainly because cancellation is more complete with rounded sections. The cross-sections are also beneficial because of the shorter turns-per-length of the unit in the cross-sectional area. A rounded cross-section provides a lower winding resistance. In some instances, rectangular shapes function better. Do not make the decision alone, because our team is here to help.

For more answers about the custom construction of toroids and transformer winding, let us be your first call. Our talented team will help you build perfect products from scratch.

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