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Common Applications for Toroids

Although most people will never see a toroid, most people come across them on a daily basis. Toroids find practical application in many of the products that make the modern technological age so convenient and easy. A toroid has a higher rate of inductance per turn while being able to carry a large current. Without toroids, modern medicine, telecommunications, and musical devices, would not be nearly as advanced as they are. The same goes for industrial controls, electronic breaks, power supplies, ballasts, and even HVAC equipment.Toroid

In order for toroids to have such a wide range in applications, the device must be available in different types. This is why it is important to not purchase toroids haphazardly. The most common considerations for purchasing a toroid is size, its winding style, and its DC resistance. One must also know nominal inductance. Contacting a professional toroid company is the best option for finding the proper toroid. If they do not have something in stock, customization of toroids becomes a possibility. Toroids can be built to meet any tolerance, current rating, and nominal inductance.


Make sure that you get the right toroid coil for the application you are trying to use.


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