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Comparing Toroids to Other Transformers

A toroidal transformer is a doughnut-shaped device that contains a magnetic core that is made of ferromagnetic materials (iron powder, laminated iron, and ferrite). ToroidsWires are carefully wrapped around the core before the device is ready to be mounted. Toroids can be found in many of the tools people use daily. They work on the inside of electronic devices, and without them, many of your devices would no longer work. A toroid is more practical than conventional transformers for a variety of reasons. Engineers choose toroidal transformers because:

  • They are small in weight and size. When compared to standard transformers, a toroid is almost half the size and weight. A toroid is more efficient than other transformers, and that is the main reasons engineers can save up to 50 percent of size and weight.
  • They have low magnetic fields. The toroid is unique in their construction, and this allows for windings to act as a shield for the core. As a result, a toroidal transformer only radiates roughly 1/10th of the magnetic field (when compared to other transformers).
  • They produce little residual noise. Some transformers are known for their loud mechanical hum, but a toroid is not. The winding of a toroid reduces magnetostriction, which is the primary cause of the mechanical noise.


Toroids are incredibly useful for a wide range of electrical applications. Let us help you get the right toroids for your next job.


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