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Other Reasons to Consider Using Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformers are frequently used because of the many benefits they offer. Some of the most discussed boons are high efficiency and significant energy savings. When compared to other similarly rated transformers, a toroid can be up to 50% smaller in size and weight than conventional transformers. Using toroids, instead of traditional laminates, offers engineers a great deal of energy savings. It is also commonly known that our toroidal transformers have a high degree of dimensional flexibility because of the almost endless amount of toroid design options.Toroids

There are other advantages that toroids offer that are lesser known. Some of these benefits include:

1). It is easy to mount toroids because they usually only require a single metal centering washer plus mounting screw. Because of the few parts installation is quick and straightforward. Sometimes other mounting option must be employed, and toroids lend themselves to these methods as well.

  • PCB mounting
  • Pressureless mounting plates
  • Resin center potting (w/brass inserts)
  • Encapsulation in the housing (metal or plastic)

2). Toroidal transformers also boast low stray fields. A toroid is roughly 85-95% lower than other laminated transformers. Low stray fields allow engineers to reduce unwanted noise. Our transformers minimize magnetic interference levels (8:1).

3). The shape of a toroid is designed for creating transformers that only require minimal materials. Symmetrical transformer winding is done across the core, which allows for shorter amounts of wire to be used. This reduces both the weight and volume of the final toroidal transformers.


Toroids do tend to cost more money than some other transformers, but the money spent initially will be eventually gained back in the long run. There are many benefits to encapsulated toroidal transformers to justify their cost.