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Consider using Toroids

There is a reason that toroids are used throughout many different industries. This is as a result of all the things that toroids can allow you to do. Below, we will be highlighting some of the most important features/components of a toroid. If you were only thinking about toroids before this article, hopeful what you read next will change your mind.

toroidsToroids do not weigh much, and so they do not add substantial weight to what you are putting them on. This means that less mounting hardware has to be installed as well as well supporting enclosure requirements. This makes designing products much easier. Toroids weigh less than E-1 transformers (sometimes up to 50% lighter).

Not only do these products not weigh much, but they also don’t take up much space either. Toroids are smaller than their transformer counterparts. The compact design of these items allows them to fit into much tighter spaces.

Because of their size and weight, they are rather easy to mount. When mounting, all you need is a single bolt that is centered. This saves the user money in the long run because it saves on design costs. There are also problems that are directly associated with other transformer mounts. For most transformers, three separate bolts are needed.

Transformers sometimes produce loud humming noises that people can hear. This can be annoying to people working in the area. Toroids give out little to no mechanical hum. This is a result of being formed from a single strip of special silicon steel. Toroids are known for their quietness.

These products also boast about having flexible dimensions. Sizes of toroids can change depending on the job they are needed for. If the core-cross section is kept stable then the height and diameter can be changed/varied.

When using a toroid, there are no air gaps to be found. The core has primaries and secondaries that are wound around the core. By having this seamless, uniformed core, toroids are able to put out low-stray magnetic fields. This is not the case for similar transformers.


There is a reason so many different industries use these tools to help business/production. If you were on the fence between transformers or toroids, then hopefully you have a clearer answer for yourself now. Understand that all toroids are not created equal, and so you will want to talk with a distributor/company about your different options.


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