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How does a Custom Toroid Transformer Work

Even though many modern electronics (big and small) have toroidal transformers located within the device, most people do not know what they are, how they work, and why engineers often choose the transformers over other similarly powered devices. In short, a toroidal transformer is mainly used to step up or down the voltage of electronic applications. This feature is especially important when systems startup and shut down. Toroids can also be used for isolating electronic equipment from potentially harmful voltage sources. Toroids with custom coil winding are used in varying degrees of power applications.


How does a toroid change AC voltage?

Toroids are located in large power generating stations. They are also located in tiny battery chargers. The job of a toroid is to change AC voltage from one level to another. A toroid has its inputs that connect directly to primary coils. The coil of the wire securely fits around the chosen ferromagnetic core. After winding coils, the device produces a positive magnetic field that is created by the electricity that passes through the coil.

Secondary coils are responsible for managing the collapse of growing magnetic fields. Secondary coils are wrapped around the identical core, which is called the primary coil. Output voltages are produced when magnetic fields begin to pass through secondary coils. It is important to remember that the voltage quantity directly correlates with the total number of coils in the secondary.

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