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Three Important Considerations for Toroid Coil Winding

To ensure that your toroid meets its intended end use, you must consider three important design considerations. Taking the time to make these considerations ensures that you get the right device without wasting extra money and time. Below, we want to take the time to give an overview of the three considerations you should make for inductor design.Custom Coil Winding


This is the most important component to consider. When you choose the type of wire for your winding, you must decide on the material, width, coating materials, and winding method. In most cases, round copper wire is ideal for inductor winding. When working with medium to high-frequency applications, the distribution of capacitance through the coil needs to be considered. In these cases, special winding methods are used to counter it. Custom coil winding ensures that devices meet exact application specifications.

Core Material

The next thing to consider is the type of core material you are going to use. This decision is rather important, and you cannot use different materials interchangeably. Some materials store large amounts of energy at low-frequency, and that also have high loss frequencies. The biggest factor in selecting a material is the requirements of your circuit. Even though there are many options for core materials, they are typically broken down into a few categories: powder, ceramic, and solid magnetic metallic.


The packaging of an inductor is not the material used, but instead, it is the material used to seal the device. Packaging comes in four categories:

  1. Open
  2. Molded
  3. No packaging
  4. Metal-encased

To learn more about each consideration, you should not hesitate to give our talented team a call.

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