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Is Saturation Bad?

Understanding transformer saturation allows for toroids to be built with the proper number of turns to wind. The appropriate amount of winds will change depending on what individuals are trying to accomplish. Saturation is harmful to a toroid if not properly calibrated. toroidToo little saturation is not good for a toroid and oversaturation is just as bad. There are methods and formulas to use that help individuals calculate saturation rates.

For those who are not familiar with complicated mathematical equations, it is best to trust professionals. In most cases, getting toroids and toroid coils from professionals ensure proper saturation levels.

To begin calculations, you must know certain terms. For instance:

  • N is for a number of turns
  • Best stands for saturation flux density
  • u is for the permeability
  • I is for the currents in amps

Knowing the terms and figures associated with them is only the first step of the calculations. Plugging the numbers into proper equations is where things begin to get difficult. Making slightly wrong calculation can have big effects, and so it is best to trust those who work with these calculations for a living.


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