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Learning More About Toroidal Transformers

Learning about toroidal transformers is essential for understanding how they should be built and used. In this article, we want to take the time to address some critical design considerations and frequently asked questions. We hope that the information provided makes it easier to understand how these highly influential transformers work.Toroids

What application benefits most from using toroidal transformers? Toroids are lightweight, small in size, and powerful, which makes them ideal for use in small electronic devices. As electronics become smaller and more portable, toroids have become a staple in the electronics industry. Although they are perfect in small electronics, the transformers can be used in any electrical transformer application that can safely house the shape of the device. It is important to note that although toroids have many benefits, they are not perfect for all applications. Give our team a call to further discuss which transformer core is right for your application.


Toroids with a round-cross section are not the same as toroids with a rectangular cross-section. Typically, round core cross-sections are considered better performers than toroids with a rectangular cross-section. This is the case because cancellation is considered more complete in round cross-sections. Round cores also provide short turn lengths per unit of a cross-sectional area. Toroids have a better winding to magnetic coupling because of the doughnut shape. However, coupling depends on the amount and style of winding around the core. Sector winding does not couple nearly as well, and it also haz a high leakage inductance. You can trust us for custom coil winding services.

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