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Toroids Used in Transformers and Inductors

A transformer and an inductor act and look similar in construction, but the two devices are different enough where they cannot be used interchangeably. Despite similarities, the two have varying elements that are used in separate applications. To better understand the distinctions between the two, we will be giving a broad outline of both.

Transforms consist of two coils. The coils are wound in the insulated wire (around iron cores). The primary coil connects to the AC input source that is creating varying magnetic fields (around coil). The secondary coil is attached to an electric circuit that gives output. In this system, the primary coil’s magnetic field creates AC currents for the secondary coils. Benefits include:

  • Increase/decrease AC voltage, impedance, or currents
  • Can be used to isolate grounds
  • Best used for power transmission

Inductors are passive two-terminal electrical machines. They are made of electrical wire that is wound onto a coil. Energy is stored temporarily within the cores magnetic field. Changes in current flow will create voltage. Advantages of inductors are:

  • They have a high Q factor
  • They are simple in size and construction
  • They have large inductance values


We specialize in designing and winding world-class toroids that are used in both transformers and inductors.

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