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Overview Of Our Services for Toroids

You don’t get to be one of the best suppliers and creators of toroids by accident or sheer luck. No, you become the best by putting out a product that people want. You do this by having products that work exactly as they should exactly when you need them too. Since 1962 our company’s focus has been toroids, so when you shop with us you are shopping with a company who has a track record you can trust. Our factory, machines, and employees allow us to manufacture some of the highest quality products around.We use a wide range of materials, so that we can offer our clients the best possible products for their job. We use: Ferrite, MPP, Amorphous, Sendust, Powdered Iron, Nickel Alloys, and Silicon Steel.


Another way to achieve greatness is to give clients what they need when others can’t. It would be foolish to think that all toroid winding is the same, because it’s not. Providing selections of prefabricated models, as well as making custom work, is what helps a company stand above others. Imagine calling for products that you know are unique and need to be custom built, but getting a company who tries to sell you prefabricated materials. There will inevitably be frustration, and if you do buy, then ultimately you’ll be getting a product that doesn’t work for you. That isn’t to say there aren’t prefabricated models that will work perfectly, but instead to say that at Torelco we treat you as a unique client, an individual. We try and get a full sense of your job and what you need before we try and help. We have the capabilities of producing your custom work no matter what your job expectations are.


Throughout the years we have worked diligently to create a name for ourselves in this market. We’ve done it through offering a wide range of incredibly well made products.We can also do custom work as well. If you are looking for any toroids or toroid coil windings then let us be your first call.

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