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Practical Considerations for Toroidal Transformers

Manufacturers have numerous possibilities when it comes to the shape of cores, including blocks, U-cores, and E-cores. Out of all the options available on the market today, manufacturers frequently opt for toroid cores. Generally speaking, a toroidal inductor is more compact than the other above shaped cores. This is the case because a toroid is made with fewer materials. Fewer materials also mean lighter weight. A toroid can be up to 50% lighter than other cores, and saving on weight is vital for power devices.

A toroid has a donut shape, meaning that it is a perfect circle. The circular design makes the device a closed-loop core. Closing the loop creates a stronger magnetic field. Both Q factor and inductance are higher here than in an inductor with a straight core. Inductors with straight cores have their magnetic fields emerging from ends of the core and then go through the air back to the other end.

Another benefit of toroid cores is achieved because the devices’ windings are relatively short. The short windings allow for low secondary impedance. Lowering impedance increases electrical performance and efficiency, while simultaneously reducing the adverse effects of fringing and distortion.

toroid is also symmetrical, which means that there is only a little magnetic flux that can escape from cores (also known as leakage flux). A toroid is less likely to emit EMI into the surrounding environment.

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