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Reasons to use Toroids

There are several reasons why using toroidal transformers in your electronic devices is practical and smart. The benefits of using the devices far outweighs any of the negative issues. Below, we will go over the top few reasons why using toroids is the smart decision to make.


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First, the final products are relatively small and light weight. They are almost half the size of a traditional transformer. Because the device has high efficiency, it can be smaller. this opens up more possibilities for design, as well as making final products more easily mountable. Also, because toroids are tiny, equipment can be built in low-profiles.

A toroid puts out low magnetic fields, which is a result of unique construction and wire winding. When compared to other transformers, a toroidal transform will radiate at 1/10th the rate. This is why these devices are so frequently used in medical devices.

Toroids operate with little to no mechanical hum. The tight winding of a toroid removes air gaps (this reduces magnetostriction). Magnetostriction is the primary source of mechanical hum. Toroids are silent, which makes them a smart choice for most electronic devices.


Above are just a few reasons why toroids are the smart choice for building complex electronic devices.

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