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The Top Four Reasons to Use Toroidal Transformers and Custom Coil Winding

You can quickly spot a toroidal transformer because of its unique, 360-degree design. Because of how a toroid is constructed, it often seems sensible and reliable for building electronic circuits and transformers. When compared to similarly powered transformers, toroids are commonly the best option. There are many reasons why toroidal transformers are a better option than a conventional transformer.


Why should you choose toroidal transformers?

Custom Coil Winding – the shape of a toroid allows for the entire device to be used for winding. Primary and secondary winding completely circle the toroid.

Easy Mounting – because of the hole in the middle of a toroid, designers can easily mount transformers with a single screw and washer. The devices are also relatively small compared to other matching power transformers, which means they can fit into existing designs. Engineers use pressure-less mounting plates, PCB mounting, and complete encapsulation as a means of mounting toroids with custom coil winding.

High Efficiency – toroids with custom coil winding range between 90 and 95% efficiency typically. Other similarly powered transformers run at a maximum of 90% efficiency. High-quality, grain-oriented steel is used for the core of a toroid, which largely attributes to the increased efficiency over other transformers.

Minimal Mechanical Hum – transformers are known to make noise, but that is not the case with custom coil winding and toroidal cores. Uniform winding removes air gaps, which means that the sheets cannot vibrate (reducing mechanical hum).

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