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The Top Three Reasons to Use Toroids and Custom Coil Winding

Are you using toroidal transformers and custom coil winding in your electronic design? Of all the options individuals have for power transformers, a toroidal transformer is one of the best options available. Compared to a standard, traditional transformer, it is clear why toroids stand out and are so popular. Although these devices are not seen, they are utilized in a wide array of electronic devices that people use daily. From household electronics to life-saving medical and military equipment, toroids and custom coil winding are widely used and trusted. All transformers have some tradeoffs, meaning that there are pros and cons. When looking at toroids, it is clear to see that the benefits greatly outweigh the cons.

Why do designers and engineers use toroids and custom coil winding?

ToroidsComing up with a design that is practical and aesthetically pleasing is difficult. Toroids are small, lightweight, and easy to mount so they can be installed almost as an afterthought. With traditional cores, initial designs need to consider the transformer’s size, shape, and mounting capacity.

Toroids are also known to be low noise makers. When electronics turn on, it is common to hear noises due to a toroid being tape-wound. The hum the electronics often experience is reduced greatly. When compared to other similarly powered devices, a toroid is practically soundless.

One of the best benefits of a toroid is its ability for custom coil winding. Coil winding produces low electromagnetic field radiation. These devices have a small leakage inductance, so toroids are known not to produce a stray magnetic field—they are significantly less than the fields produced by other transformers.

If you are unfamiliar with toroids and custom coil winding, you should not hesitate to call our team. We can help with all your customization needs.