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Toroid Winding Factors

When creating toroids, it is necessary to calculate the winding factor. Winding factor is more commonly referred to as fill factor, and it is the total ratio of the conductor cross-section and the area of the core window. Winding factors for toroid cores tend to vary between 20 and 60%. Typically, many applications have values ranging between 35 and 40%. To address the fill factor, we consider several factors when constructing all our toroids.Transformer Winding

  1. Low Fill – To reduce capacitance and to simplify manufacturing, the winding factors should be between a single-layer and 30 percent.
  2. High Fill – It is possible to achieve fill factors up to roughly 65%. This is only possible when special measures are taken (completing coils by hand once residual holes become too tiny for the winding shuttle).
  3. Single-Layer – the number of turns is directly proportional to the inside circumferences being divided by the wire diameter. Advantages found with single-layer include more repeatable parasitic, low cost, proper cooling, and lower winding capacitance.
  4. Full Winding – Factors that range between 30 and 45% have reasonable trade-offs between avoiding excessive costs and fully utilizing the core size spacing.

Transformer Winding

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