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Toroidal Transformer Winding and Modern Design

There are many reasons why toroidal transformers are used instead of similarly rated units. A toroid meets the modern-day requirements for low magnetic interference field transformers in a small package. ToroidsThese types of transformers have an almost ideal physical construction, and they are approximately 50% the size and weight of conventional transformers. A toroidal transformer has extremely low stray magnetic fields and loses noise, which makes toroids ideal for compact power supplies. Not only is a toroid practical, but it also is economical. Modern production methods allow for us to produce toroids transformers at a compared rated to other traditional transformers.

We provide the highest-quality toroidal transformers. We guarantee quality and safety, which is proved by our ISO-9001 certification.

Toroids are known as energy savers: as high as 86% at no-load, and closer to 35% under load conditions. The initial costs of transformers are essential, but it is not the entire picture. As the international community focuses on efficient energy productions, toroids have become more frequently used by engineers and designers. These transformers also offer the ability for flexibility, which is not found in other laminated transformers. Cores can be made in almost any height or diameter, and we work with any core type you can find. The flexibility of choice allows for designers to fit toroids into desired designs as opposed to developing parts around toroids. Toroids can be easily mounted, have a low stray field, and produce little transformer hum.


Toroidal transformers are practical, efficient, and economical. We can help with encapsulated toroidal transformers of all shapes and sizes.

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