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Toroids and Practical Applications

Using wound toroid cores can be incredibly advantageous. Toroids are lighter and more compact than other shaped cores. Toroid coils feature a closed-loop core which provides a higher magnetic field. The higher magnetic field will result in a higher inductance and Q factor.

Because a toroid is symmetric, minimal magnetic flux will escape from the core. The low magnetic flux is highly advantageous because it will radiate less Electromagnetic interference (EMI) than other cores. There have been increasing limitations set on industries regarding the amount of EMI they can produce. These restrictions are one of the main reasons that so many companies have started using toroid coils.

Toroid Coils

Multiple applications use toroids. Any electronic application can utilize toroidal transformers. The toroids are used to step down or step up a voltage. Circuits, such as power supplies, amplifiers, and inverters, use toroids. Additionally, electrical equipment, such as computers, televisions, audio systems, and radios, use toroid coils.


Due to its advantageous nature, there are so many applications and industries that use toroid coils. Security systems, power distribution equipment, automotive electronics, and renewable energy inverter systems all utilize toroid coils. Other industries that use toroid core winding are medical isolation material, telecommunication systems, industrial control equipment, and professional audio and audiovisual equipment.

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