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Toroids and Total B Field Confinement

Toroidal transformers are commonly used devices that are hardly ever seen. The devices are small, and they are found inside many of the electronic devices we see and use every day. From transportation to personal electronics, toroids are responsible for allowing devices to safely turn on and off. Toroids are often used over other similarly powered transformers.


Toroids are more compact than similar counterparts. They are small but do not sacrifice power and ratings. Even with their size, these devices are efficient and reliable.

Stray magnetic fields are not found when using toroids because there are no coil ends. A toroid is a complete 360-degree circle with no gaps. Other transformers have ends, and as a result, stray fields radiate outward.

A toroidal transformer produces sufficient conditions that allow internal confinement. It achieves this through the axially symmetric layout of conductors, magnetic materials, and an absence of circumferential current. Toroids are excellent options for transformers, and as a result, they are used in a wide range of electronic devices. In larger systems, there are multiple toroids. The symmetry of a toroid provides lines of B flux that form circles of constant strength. They are centered by the axis of symmetry. It is important to understand that B flux (that encircles currents) is only inside the toroidal winding. As a result, the intensity of a B field remains zero outside the winding.

A toroidal is the right choice for many critical equipment devices within the military and medical industry. These industries require the highest standards and reputability in devices. When something breaks, it could put people’s lives in danger.

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