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Toroids: It’s the Size that Matters

There are many reasons why electrical engineers opt for toroidal transformers over other transformers of similar power rating. Of all the benefits individuals discuss, the most popular one regards the small size of a toroid. We live in a world where smaller is better, and with toroids, electronics engineers can make this possible. A toroid can successfully operate in and device that can fit it. There are limits to how small toroids can be constructed. The size is proportional to the square root of total transformer power.

In many cases, a doughnut-shaped toroidal core allows for the weight and size of the transformer to be reduced by up to 50% (compared to a conventional core that does not sacrifice power). At small sizes, conventional transformers can experience up to 50% of the total power loss, where a toroid will lose between 10 and 20%. If it were not for toroids, our modern electronics would not be as sleek, small, and powerful.


Toroids boast many other benefits as well besides being powerful and small. Engineers also rely on toroids because:

They offer HIGH EFFICIENCY for their weight and size.

They offer users LOW NOISE and LOW STRAY FIELDS. Toroids have uniformed winding distributed across the device, which makes them silent and with low stray fields.


They offer LOW OPERATING TEMPERATURES. When comparing toroids to other similar transformers, a toroid will operate at lower temperatures. This helps to keep phones, tablets, and computers cooler when doing heavy processing.

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