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Understanding Toroid Inductors

Understanding, designing, and winding toroids are not straightforward. There is a complex science that details all aspects of these inductors. The theory of toroid inductors is that as currents pass through an inductor, it will produce a magnetic field around itself. The strength of that magnetic field depends on the value of currents passing through the inductor. The flux of magnetic field is directly related to the number of concentric circles that are perpendicular to the direction of the flow. For toroid inductors, the flux line creates a complete circle around the coil. Considering the complex language and math associated with constructing toroids, it is best if you trust professionals who can get you the correct inductor for your device and application.Toroids

We custom create various types of toroid inductors. We alter materials, size, and winding style to help multiple industries. We can adjust:

  • Nominal Inductance
  • DC Resistance
  • Case Size
  • Current Rating
  • Packaging Type
  • Tolerance Level


If you are looking for custom toroids that are built to your exact specifications and needs, then let Torelco be your first phone call. Our talented team is standing by to help you create ideal products.

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