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Should I be Using Power Toroidal Transformers

Transformers are integral parts of electronic devices because they transfer power between two separate parts of an electrical circuit. A transformer creates isolation while varying voltage and current. Power transformers are used when the need for high-efficiency power transfer is a requirement. Power transformers are designed to either operate non-continuously or continuously while at full capacity. These specialized transformers, like traditional transformers, are based on concepts of electromagnetic induction. All power transformers contain two magnetically coupled coils (primary and secondary windings).


A toroidal transformer is considered a power transformer that has a gap in the core. A toroid is a perfect, 360-degree circle on which primary and secondary coils are wound. As currents flow through the primary wire, electromotive forces are induced. Next, the current passes through the secondary winding to transfer power to a secondary coil.

The main advantages of using a toroidal power transformer include:

  • Compared to other similarly powered transformers, a power toroid is substantially smaller (without sacrificing power).
  • Because of the toroid’s high efficiency, they translate to lower temperatures than other power transformers.
  • The 360-degree design allows for the entire core to be wound upon
  • The toroid design keeps magnetic flux within the core, so there are no outwardly radiated stray fields.
  • The construction creates a high resistance to external magnetic fields.


Power toroid transformers are used in various industries and applications, but none more important than in the medical industry. Critical electrical equipment needs to perform properly every time. When medical equipment fails, it can cause potential death. Because of low leakage currents and noiseless, reliable operations, toroids are ideal for electronic medical devices.

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