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What Makes Toroids Great

Electrical engineers have many options when it comes to purchasing transformers. Considering the number of choices, how does someone know which is best for them and their applications? There are many factors to contemplate when picking a transformer type, but before making a decision, you should consider all the benefits provided by a custom toroidal transformer.Toroids

Although not seen, these devices are in a lot of modern electronics. In fact, without the benefits toroids provide, a good deal of the electronics we use daily would look and function differently.

Why do so many engineers choose toroidal transformers?

The efficiency of the device makes it widely applicable in a wide array of electronic devices, such as audio/visual equipment, telecommunication systems, and security systems. They are also commonly found inside of power distribution equipment and industrial control equipment.

What makes toroids so great?

This type of transformer is more economical when compared to similarly powered transformers. The main reason this is true is that toroids are made from fewer materials than other transformers. In the end, they weight less than a conventional transformer while also using less energy. If you want high-cost savings without compromising high returns on investments, you should strongly consider custom-wound toroid coil.

A toroid operates at a much lower temperature, when compared to other similar transformers. This helps to reduce heat production in electronics. Overheating in electronics is a big problem as electronic systems get more powerful and smaller. Think about how much hotter a smartphone or laptop would get without the ability to reduce heat? Custom coil winding helps to makes this all possible.


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