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Why do Engineers Choose Toroidal Transformers

Toroid coil winding differs from traditional power transformers, and these differences are often seen as a benefit over similarly powered devices. It is common to find toroids in various commercial electrical devices and applications. You can find these toroids inside televisions, computers, and audio systems. Traditional transformers present several issues that are not apparent when using toroidal transformers. A traditional transformer often suffers from issues like flux leakage, core loss, and EMI. The benefits of toroids are important for a world that is using more and more electronics.


Toroids are small, which means that they fit into existing designs without needing extra space. Toroids can be mounted horizontally or vertically, which can easily be integrated into existing designs. Enginers are making smaller electronics, and toroids are an important tool for making this happen.


Toroids are highly efficient when compared to similarly-sized transformers. Toroid coil winding creates a uniform distribution of energy throughout the entire core. Toroid coil winding provides high electrical efficiency.

Toroids offer a low magnetic stray field. When compared to similar transformers, a toroid offers up to 90% less stray magnetic field. Toroids do not have an air gap that allows for uniform winding of primary and secondary wires. A toroid is known for its great performance and efficiency.

Toroid Coil Winding

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